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Ultra High-Net Worth

Client Centered

We have programs, resources and tools designed to address the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. The FWA Comprehensive Advisory relationship is a critical component to the success of these High Net Worth programs.

Client Centered

We profile your preferences in communication, risk, cash flow requirements, banking relationships, and lending sources as well as your areas of concern such as taxes and continuity in your financial or business matters.

  • Your FWA Advisory Team can coordinate/build the professionals needed or work together with an already existing team.

  • We create a financial dashboard that contains the critical data, so you always know where you stand financially. With a few more clicks you can drill down in any area for more information or contact a team member to provide an update for you.

  • Your dashboard can contain assets that are often difficult to follow such as a family business, real estate, land, collectibles, exotic autos, & valuable jewelry.

  • Financial Plans can be integrated into your dashboard to help you make day to day financial decisions while never loosing site of your longer-term plans.

  • Secure digital vault allows you to have important paper documents available to you at a moment’s notice.  Many clients use this to secure their important legal, estate and tax documents along with important reports.
Client Centered

Access to extensive skillsets and products is a must in the high-net-worth marketplace, we provide seamless coordination with either your team of professionals or any of ours.

  • Through your dashboard we can instantly coordinate meetings with your professional team. Your dashboard provides view only access to your sensitive data creating a more comprehensive experience and reduces the need to coordinate information between several advisors. This feature may also eliminate the need to take a single advisor’s opinion in important matters.

  • Dedicated Advisory team who knows your personal situation and can provide guidance in a variety of areas.

  • Access to institutional level money managers. No longer do you need to work directly with the largest institutions on wall street to receive their services. We can provide access to many of the biggest institutional platforms in the industry with the simplicity of one relationship, through our extensive computer network.

  • Lending resources can be pre-established to provide liquidity for large purchases on demand, clients have used these services to purchase aircraft, yachts, land and business acquisitions.

  • Tax wise investment strategies are one of the most popular amongst the high-net-worth marketplace. These can include tax deferred, tax deductible and tax-free strategies depending on your needs.

  • Full reporting capabilities - we can create the custom reports you prefer and make them available 24/7 with the click of a button.

  • High net worth pricing - pricing will vary depending on the number of services you engage us in.  FWA offers highly discounted pricing for over $10 million in managed assets.