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Total Return Portfolio

For those seeking a highly diversified portfolio, blending a Growth and Income style, the total return portfolio may be a great fit. Total Return is FWA’s most diversified single portfolio solution. Total Return portfolios can be allocated into a wide range of risk categories to be suitable for Aggressive to Conservative investors alike.

Total Return Portfolios are managed with a long-term perspective utilizing high levels of diversification attempting to provide some growth coupled with some current income for a Total Return comparable with similar portfolios within the same risk group at a lower level of volatility. Total Return is most suitable for investors who prefer to use diversification to reduce overall volatility instead of tactical movements.

Market Exposure: This portfolio provides exposure to U.S. and international equity and credit markets. Total Return portfolios will generally use more income investments as a contributor to return than other styles in a similar risk profile.

Considerations: Due to the total return style this portfolio will generally lag in performance in a rapidly rising equity market.

Portfolios Available:
⦁ Total Return - Aggressive
⦁ Total Return - Moderately Aggressive*
⦁ Total Return – Moderate*
⦁ Total Return - Moderately Conservative*
⦁ Total Return – Conservative* 

Tax Sensitive portfolios available: Tax Sensitive portfolios focus on municipal bond exposure for their bond allocation.