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There are several ways to manage portfolios, and we recognize that some clients prefer one management style over another. At Freedom Wealth Alliance, our clients have access to multiple investment styles, each managed at different risk levels.

Management Style is an area we excel at. Clients have a preconceived idea of how their investments should behave, and while risk levels play an important part, it is often the portfolio manager(s) actions that put the finishing touches on the experience. 
Below are some examples of why this is important. 
⦁ The market is up 2% today i.e., I should be up 2% also
⦁ The market has been declining for months i.e.: Shouldn’t my investments become more defensive now.
⦁ The US market isn’t where I think the growth will come from
⦁ I prefer to have regular income from my investment portfolio
⦁ I want a portfolio with low expenses

Many investors wrongly assume that risk = management style, and then become disappointed in how their portfolio(s) reacts in different parts of a business cycle. Management style helps bridge this gap between how you anticipate your portfolio performing and how its designed to perform.

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Our financial advisors are experienced in helping you determine which management style is right for you based on your personal preferences and planning objectives. The FWA Investment Committee provides management and oversight to the most requested styles.  Click on each style for more details.