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Our Comprehensive Approach

At Freedom Wealth Alliance we have a disciplined, multifaceted approach to your financial well being.

After decades of  wealth management and hundreds of client interviews, we have streamlined our process down to provide extra support to the 3 main components of an Advisory relationship.

1. Proactively - Managing Investment Risks and Performance Goals

Our many investment models can be combined in numerous ways to customize your portfolio for even the most discerning investor. "We don't believe in the suit off the rack approach".

Our Investment models are built by our onsite independent portfolio managers. With the help of your advisor, you can choose from various investment styles, including optimized asset allocation mixes, where risk can be reduced by the manager during volatile market conditions. Whatever your comfort level, our advisors are there to provide guidance.

2. Interactively - Developing and Monitoring Personal Financial Plans Throughout the Life of the Relationship

We have equipped our advisors with some of the comprehensive service tools and financial planning tools available in the industry today. With these cutting edge tools, you and your advisor can help you track where you are and where you want to be, all with the convenience of an App on your phone. This level of control over your finances gives you the confidence to enjoy all the freedom that life has to offer, in a way that means the most to you. Our advisory team is there to assist you in setting up your plan and monitoring it along the way, your plan is interactive just like your life, always changing. You are never alone we are only one click away.

3. Value Added - Communication During Those Turbulent Times In Life

Communication is key, but everyone has different ways they prefer to be in contact with their advisory team. Some clients prefer a brief phone discussion to stay in touch. Many clients enjoy our relaxed office setting, with a warm cup of coffee and a face to face conversation with their advisor. In this busy world, some folks have very little time and require a high tech approach to keeping up to speed. Our ability to do Web based reviews with your portfolio in front of you an our advanced secure screen sharing connection might be their favorite. We can even send you market updates if you like. You have the freedom to choose what works best for you. Advice delivered when you need it, the way you prefer it.

Our process is designed around delivering the appropriate action or advice without a burden on you, leaving you free to enjoy life in ways you always intended.

Who We Are

The experienced professionals at Freedom Wealth Alliance can help provide clarity to your financial objectives and direction toward your goals.

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Our advisors explain, educate and listen to ensure our clients are clear about their money every step of their financial journey.

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Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you with similar issues and concerns. We specialize in creating an approach that is designed to address your individual situation.

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