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Income Portfolios

For those who prefer to focus on regular income that can be reinvested or direct deposited into a bank checking account, to supplement or replace a paycheck, this style of management may be suitable.

Income portfolios focus on investing in higher income-generating asset classes across the investment universe. These portfolios may be suitable for investors seeking more current income and less capital appreciation.

Market Exposure: Income portfolios can be allocated to higher income-generating asset classes, which can include higher quality bonds, lower quality bonds, emerging markets debt, global dividend-paying equities, real estate-related securities, and energy infrastructure securities

Considerations: Income portfolios generally have less core equity exposure than other management styles. The portfolios are managed for income generation rather than capital appreciation and therefore may underperform in strong equity market environments.

Portfolios Available:
⦁ Income - Aggressive
⦁ Income - Moderately Aggressive
⦁ Income - Moderate
⦁ Income - Moderately Conservative
⦁ Income - Conservative
⦁ Income – Ultra Conservative