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Global Opportunities Portfolios

Global Opportunities Portfolios are for those who want a portfolio driven by market fundamentals and valuations. These tactical style adjustments are driven by forward looking value oriented fundamental analysis. This style tends to be contrarian in nature, becoming more defensive in what the manager believes to be overvalued markets, and more aggressive in markets driven by fear, and believed to be undervalued. The Global Opportunities portfolios can be allocated into a wide range of risk categories to be suitable for Aggressive to Conservative investors alike.

Global Opportunities attempts to steer into the economic curves as it scours the globe to find investments the manager believes are undervalued or overlooked. This contrarian feel is most suitable for a more sophisticated investor who is comfortable with this investment style.

Market Exposure: This portfolio provides exposure to global core and non-core asset classes. Exposure to risk and conservative assets are adjusted moderately over time based on FWA’s economic and market views. Alternative strategies may be used attempting to hedge market exposure while the portfolio remains invested.

Considerations: Due to the valuation-bias and the diversified nature of this management style, the portfolios may underperform in periods where expensively-valued markets continue to move higher regardless of fundamentals.

Portfolios Available:
⦁ Global Opp - Aggressive
⦁ Global Opp - Moderately Aggressive
⦁ Global Opp - Moderate
⦁ Global Opp - Moderately Conservative
⦁ Global Opp - Conservative