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Global Core Portfolio

For those who want a portfolio that can invest in companies across the entire Globe into CORE holdings, companies that are often part of our everyday life even though their products or services may originate from a foreign country. These companies represent some of the most common global household names. The Global Core portfolio(s) can be allocated into a wide range of risk categories to be suitable for Ultra Aggressive to Conservative investors alike.

Global Core Allocation Portfolios are managed on the belief that asset allocation is the primary driver of performance over the long term. The primary focus is on broad geographical diversification across U.S. and international equity and bond markets. This style is less correlated to US markets.

Market Exposure: Exposure to risk assets and conservative assets remains relatively static over time.

Considerations: Core allocation portfolios may have the highest sensitivity to market swings, without additional tactical/active management to support challenging markets.

Portfolios Available:

⦁ Ultra-Aggressive
⦁ Aggressive
⦁ Moderately Aggressive
⦁ Moderate
⦁ Moderately Conservative
⦁ Conservative 

* Tax Sensitive portfolios available. Tax Sensitive portfolios focus on municipal bond exposure for the bond’s allocation.