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The FWA Investment Process

At the core of any long-standing institution are a set of unwavering core values. These values guide the firm through times of uncertainty and volatility. Below are some of our core values related to investment management.

Our Beliefs

We believe that being an independent fiduciary is the best way for us to provide personalized guidance to help our clients navigate through their life events. As fiduciaries, we are held to a higher standard, so that our advisory clients receive professional advice that is in their best interests.

We believe that a team-based approach is the most effective way for us to help our clients pursue their financial goals. Our clients have the comfort of knowing that there will be a long-term continuity of wealth management support from Freedom Wealth Alliance’s team of experienced professionals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that portfolio risk management is one of the most important factors in managing our clients' portfolios.  Through intensive investment research, thoughtful portfolio construction, and tactical portfolio adjustments, we strive to reduce downside risk in our portfolios while still being able to participate in the upside.

Understanding the Investment Process

Understanding the Investment Process

We take a comprehensive, disciplined approach to investment research and portfolio construction. Backed by our experience, we incorporate elements of global asset allocation strategies, value investing, trend analysis, and tactical risk management to construct our portfolios.

Our investment process is structured to help us understand how various economic and market factors can impact investments over different time periods.  We leverage sophisticated tools for quantitative research that quantitative analysis can miss.  Our goal is to artfully blend high-quality investments into our clients' portfolios while seamlessly managing downside risk, in an effort to help them work towards their personal financial goals.

Our Investment Universe

The FWA investment committee leverages its experience and considers multiple factors when constructing our portfolios. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, we carefully blend conservative assets, risk assets and alternative strategies to create well-diversified portfolios. This helps us achieve the delicate balance between risk and return objectives.