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Flextrend Portfolios

The Flextrend© portfolios are managed with a flexible risk style - automatically increasing risk exposure when markets are in a persistent uptrend or reducing risk exposure when markets are in a persistently negative downtrend. Each Flextrend portfolio is given a risk range, this range allows the manager to toggle risk up or down while still staying consistent with the client’s overall investment objective(s).
For many investors this flexibility provides the additional risk management they desire in protracted downturns. Flextrend© portfolios can significantly reduce risk exposure attempting to protect value in a bear market environment. The Flextrend portfolios can be allocated into a wide range of risk categories to be suitable for Aggressive to Conservative investors alike.

Flextrend provides tactical exposure to US equity and credit markets. Allocation shifts between risk and conservative assets are primarily driven by changing market price trends. Exposure to equities and credit can be significantly reduced in periods of market stress. These portfolios attempt to reduce losses due to an extended market downtrend.

Market Exposure: Exposure to risk assets and conservative assets remains relatively static over time.

Considerations: These portfolios are partially allocated to defensively managed equity, and fixed income strategies to further diversify risk. These types of strategies may underperform in trendless or choppy market environments.

Portfolios Available:
⦁ Aggressive
⦁ Moderately Aggressive
⦁ Moderate
⦁ Moderately Conservative
⦁ Conservative