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Dynamic Growth Portfolios

For those who want an individual stock portfolio driven by quantitative strategies. The quantitative adjustments in our portfolios are driven by a combination of price, pressure, and momentum, to develop a forward-looking trend analysis. This style tends to be driven by trend lines and moving averages as they relate to individual security selection. Each portfolio starts with a defined security selection basket and is further filtered down using a combination of PPM’s, relative strength, and other quantitative measures. These portfolios are managed with above average risk due to the concentration of individual securities or ETF’s. The Dynamic Growth portfolios are allocated to be suitable for aggressive investors only.

Dynamic Growth portfolios attempt to concentrate risk using multi-step criteria filters to determine the securities within their designated universe that believed to provide above average growth potential. The screening process is repeated quarterly to refresh the portfolio as the environment changes. This concentrated aggressive feel is most suitable for a more sophisticated investor who is comfortable with additional fluctuation in their portfolio.

Market Exposure: These portfolios provide exposure to primarily U.S. traded securities. Exposure to risk assets remain steady over time based on FWA’s economic and market views. Quantitative strategies may be used to attempt to hedge market exposure while the portfolio remains invested.

Considerations: Due to the concentrated security selection and momentum driven nature of this management style, the portfolios may underperform in periods where markets lack a well-defined upward trend.

Portfolios Available:

⦁ Blue Chip Growth - Aggressive
⦁ Dynamic Growth – Aggressive
⦁ Momentum Leaders – Aggressive
⦁ Multi Cap – Aggressive 
⦁ Low Correlation – Aggressive