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DPS – Online Do-It-Yourself Program

DPS - Digital Portfolio Solutions - Online Access To Managed Portfolios

Client Centered

FWA -  Digital Portfolio Solutions offer simple inexpensive access to professionally built and managed portfolios. Think of them as buying factory direct. This digital solution is client directed and done entirely online.

 Easy as 1-2-3

  • After clicking Get Started button below, Click Open an Account
  • Enter Advisor Program key ZF27 where prompted
  • Answer a quick questionnaire -The system will recommend a portfolio
  • Transfer in funds

Client Centered

Benefits of the DPS
Accumulator portfolios

  • Low initial account minimums - $5,000

  • Automated ongoing contributions (to help build your nest egg simply)

  • Multiple risk levels to choose from (Conservative to Aggressive)

  • Diversified portfolio strategies- “Total Return” or “Income”

  • Client Directed - You can make contributions or withdrawals whenever you want

  • Dynamic Rebalancing - DPS has risk tolerance bands to help your portfolio stay within the risk category of your choosing. Over time other programs may drift away from the desired risk level due to one investment segment growing more or less than another.

  • Convenient online access - from your PC, Laptop or Mobile device.

  • Notifications - to keep you informed when your portfolio has been rebalanced for you.