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Capital Appreciation Portfolio

For those who want a portfolio that targets potentially rapid growing, speculative and industry disruptors the Capital Appreciation portfolio may be a good fit. This portfolio has a singular focus to locate and invest in companies with high growth potential. The manager utilizes a forward-looking speculative approach to finding growth, regardless of valuation fundamentals. The Capital Appreciation portfolios can be allocated into a range of risk categories to be suitable for Ultra-Aggressive to Moderately Aggressive investors alike.

Capital Appreciation focuses on existing industries as well as potential disruptors leading to new industries that offer above average growth potential.

Market Exposure: This portfolio aims to always be invested in high growth companies regardless of market or economic conditions. This style of investing may concentrate capital in a smaller number of industries or companies to increase potential returns, resulting in increased risk and/or volatility above other investment choices.

Considerations: This strategy may be prone to short term capital gains; therefore, tax considerations may be a concern and should be discussed with a tax professional. This strategy may lack the necessary diversification to manage volatility in certain market conditions. This portfolio style is generally more suitable for investors with a long-time horizon or above average risk tolerance. This portfolio may have wide price swings and therefore carries significant risk.

Portfolios Available:
⦁ Capital Appreciation – Ultra-Aggressive
⦁ Capital Appreciation - Aggressive
⦁ Capital Appreciation - Moderately Aggressive