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Business Owners

Client Centered

FWA Programs can help you increase your wealth outside of your business as well as through your business. We can help you implement and manage a business retirement plan, and other unique tax reduction or investment strategies. Your eventual retirement transition can be incorporated into an online plan so you can monitor your progress as you draw nearer to your retirement goal. Clear concise plans often yield the best results.

Client Centered

Program Features Include

  • Dedicated Advisor - to help you with your goals and account management

  • Educational business materials/meetings - designed to help equip owners with the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s complex business world.

  • 401(K) plans, Simple IRAs, - or other employer sponsored plans are available

  • Professionally Managed Investment Portfolios.

  • Integrated Retirement/Financial Plan - as simple or comprehensive as you desire.*

  • Online tools and reports - designed to reduce effort spent managing investments *

  • Online progress summary - One for each of your goals *

  • Dashboard - to link your other financial/business accounts to your plan *

  • Secure digital vault - or important business, financial and estate documents *

  • Automate - ongoing contributions (to help build your nest egg faster)

  • Cash management - for businesses with larger cash requirements

  • Multiple management styles - to help you create the investment experience you prefer.

  • Multiple risk levels - to choose from (Ultra Conservative to Ultra Aggressive)

  • Diversified portfolio solutions - to accommodate even the most complex situations

  • Advisor Directed - You and your Advisor can strategize together – monitoring your plan progress, this can be critical in business to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities.

  • Dynamic rebalancing - Model Portfolios have risk tolerance bands to help your portfolio stay within the risk category of your choosing. Over time other programs may drift away from the desired risk level due to one investment segment growing more or less than another.

  • Business owners with high net cash flows - may benefit from special tax deferred savings programs.

  • Convenient online access - from your PC, Laptop or Mobile device.

  • Access to the FWA business support network - for ancillary services, such as CFO, Taxes, Legal, and Consulting Services. ** (separate costs will apply)