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FWA Behind the Scenes: Enhancing Client Experience

FWA Behind the Scenes: Enhancing Client Experience

September 10, 2019

The Freedom Wealth Alliance team prides itself on continuously looking to enhance the client experience and building internal procedures to better deliver on the high expectations we have for ourselves to service our clients.  We often do this through the utilization of technology.  Recently, FWA President Kurt Rozman, Senior Portfolio Manager Eric Kulwicki and Operations Manager Bryan Ratkowski attended a technology conference hosted by one of our key technology partners.  They gained great insights into new technology that we believe can directly and positively impact our client's experience in working with Freedom Wealth Alliance.

Just a few of the exciting highlights include:  

1. Integrated Client Portal:  Clients will have easier access to a wholistic picture of their new worth, goals, investment performance and other important wealth information all in one place.  Think of it as a one-stop virtual wallet.

2. Enhanced Client Communication Tools:  Clients will be notified and informed in ways that matter to them through a customized communication platform.

3. Expanded Portfolio Management Capabilities:  Increased flexibility in portfolio management and enhanced implementation of tax-sensitive strategies.

The FWA team is always working behind the scenes to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional client experience.  "Gaining access to technology is one thing, but spending the time to truly understand it and leverage it to help deliver an exceptional client experience is key."  Eric Kulwicki, Senior Portfolio Manager.  We look forward to keeping you informed on the exciting initiatives we have coming in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Above is a photo of Kurt Rozman & Bryan Ratkowski at a presentation on the new client portal technology.