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Live Well, Live Free:

What does freedom mean to you? Our focus is to help you have the freedom to live your life well, however you define it. We work together to address the critical events in life that could become a detour to your success and help you develop a strategy for reaching your destination. Below are just a few of the key areas that we help you navigate through. Give us a call today to find out how Freedom Wealth Alliance brings you a team of professionals to help you pursue your goals, not just talk about them.

Individual Risk Number:

Do you know how much risk is right for you? Find out more about how we objectively pinpoint your risk tolerance number (how market price variability makes you feel) and risk capacity (how much investment loss you are able to sustain) in order to build an investment portfolio that is right for you. Think of it like your sleep number. Visit our Risk Assessment Page to get started or click here to learn more.

Our Client-Centered Investment Process

We take managing our clients’ wealth very seriously. Our four-step process has been designed around helping you better understand, and feel comfortable with, the potential risk and reward of your investments. Click the brochure to learn more.

Investment/Portfolio Management

Our investment management is structured to help us understand how various economic and market factors can impact investments over different time periods.

Social Security:

Do you know the right time to take Social Security and the best selections for you? When selecting Social Security you get one chance to do it right. Click here to learn more about maximizing your Social Security income.

Retirement & Retirement Income Planning:

Do you wonder when you will be able to retire and what your lifestyle will be like? Wonder no more, let us help you get a solid understanding of the when, how and what during retirement. We can help you eliminate the guess work and formulate a solid plan for living the retirement lifestyle you deserve. Call today to get started or get a second opinion, our discovery process is designed for your comfort, with absolutely no pressure, cost or obligation to you. Not so sure you are ready? Sign up for our Monthly E-Newsletter and check our events page periodically for informative and fun topics that may be of interest to you.

Insurance Solutions:

Do you worry about what would happen to your loved ones if you were to pass on? When exploring your options for life insurance, long-term care and pension annuity income, let us help you partner with leading industry advisors to present you with custom tailored solutions for your unique goals and directives. Consider the possibilities when you build insurance solutions into your overall financial plan and, with us, every part of your financial picture is at your fingertips, accessible anytime on your mobile app, laptop computer or just one phone call away.

Private Foundations:

Have you considered setting up your own private foundation? Find out how we work with our clients to help them turn their hard work into a lasting legacy. Download our brochure today.

Your Best Interests; The Fiduciary Standard:

Do you know what a Fiduciary is? Unlike many financial advisors, our advisors are independent Investment Advisor Representatives held to the highest standard requiring them to put their client's interests above their own. Download our brochure to find out more about the benefits of hiring an advisor bound by the fiduciary standard.