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Our Client-Centered Investment Process

We take managing our clients’ wealth very seriously. Our four-step process has been designed around helping you better understand, and feel comfortable with, the potential risk and reward of your investments.

 Understand and Prioritize Your Financial Goals. Whether it’s a secure retirement, or a home on the ocean, we will work to understand and help you pursue your personal goals.

 Determine Your Investment Objective and Risk Profile. We help you define your risk tolerance with a specific number. Think of it like your sleep number. This will help clearly define your risk comfort level, and the risk your portfolio should take given your financial goals.

 Select a Management Style. We appreciate that clients have different investment philosophies, and we offer a number of portfolios to help address these views.

 Select the Appropriate Portfolio. At Freedom Wealth Alliance you have the flexibility to select one or a combination of our portfolios. You advisor will help guide you through this process.

Investment/Portfolio Management

Our investment management is structured to help us understand how various economic and market factors can impact investments over different time periods.

  • We leverage sophisticated tools for quantitative analysis.
  • We perform deep qualitative research that quantitative analysis can miss.
  • We blend high-quality investments while managing downside risk.

Our Investment Team 

Global markets have become increasingly complex. We believe that having an experienced investment team, team-based approach and a comprehensive, disciplined investment process is critical for financial success for our clients.

Investment Committee

Our investment process is led by the Freedom Wealth Alliance Investment Committee. The Investment Committee consists of experienced investment professionals with experience in global economic analysis, portfolio construction, third-party manager due diligence and technical analysis. The members of our Investment Committee have advised on investment portfolios of high net worth families and large institutions across the country.